Convert Any PDF File into a Regular Image Format

(Review From FindMySoft) PDF files are a great way of storing and sharing documents. That's because they have a small size, can contain a lot of different elements, like text, graphics, charts and so on, and they cannot be modified. But despite all these features, there is a problem, which is reading these files. One needs a special program, like Adobe Reader, for viewing PDF files. Unfortunately, this program is not available for any operating system or mobile devices. One may want to view a PDF document on the large screen of his mobile phone. There aren't so many phones that can read PDF files and the ones that do, can handle only low-complexity PDFs, as they have limited memory.

A better way to read PDF files would be to convert them into regular images. Thus, PDFs could be viewed on any computer, even if no dedicated application is installed, by simply using the Windows image viewer. Besides that, mobile devices will be able to view these documents, even older mobile phones.

PDF To JPG is just the software for the job. Even if the JPG format is stated in the program's name, it can actually handle several graphical formats, like TIF, GIF, BMP, PNG and so on, making sure that the generated image file will be compatible with any device.

When launched, this Windows application will display a welcome window, from where the user can select which type of image file he would like to create out of a PDF document. After choosing the desired format, the user will be taken to a graphical interface, in which he can import the desired PDF file and even complete PDF folders. Documents can be imported using the graphical buttons or by simply dragging them over the interface. The program can handle an unlimited number of PDF files, as it will automatically convert them all, one by one.

After adding the desired PDFs and choosing the quality of the image file, the user can begin the conversion process using a single click. PDF To JPG will automatically generate the corresponding image file in the same folder as the original PDF.

It allows converting any PDF document into a wide range of image file formats. Besides that, PDFs can be added to the program using drag and drop or by accessing the graphical buttons.

Using PDF To JPG, you will be able to easily convert any PDF document into a wide range of image formats.